New Four Tet and Odesza remixes out now!

Posted on February 11, 2015 by DVS* No Comments

Hi Everyone! Every year I drop a Valentine's Day bootleg remix. In past we've seen Disclosure, Paul McCartney, and Cherub. This year I'm focusing on sensual beats more than overtly romantic lyrics… oh and I also decided to drop 2 remixes this time around.

The first is my afro-disco rework of "Say My Name" by Odesza. I designed this funky, fun and minimal track exclusively for my live set (because it's been remixed like 1 million times). However, since so many friends and fans have requested it, I've decided to put it out. Here ya go!


Next up is my flip of Angel Echoes, by the jazzy UK producer Four Tet. Upon initial listen, this beautifully simple piece struck me to the core . I've been tinkering with it for over a year (this is the 7th version), as I really wanted to do justice to such an inspirational piece.


Feb 13 Museum Bar, Atlanta, GA
March 19-21 SXSW Austin, TX
May 21-15 Lightning in a Bottle Bradley, CA

thanks! D.V.S*

P.S. The Sundance film fest single "Piece that Shines," is now available on iTunes

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