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Comfort Zone Released Dec 9th, 2014 via Emancipator’s Loci Records.
“An amazing balance of instrumental and synthesized elements, as well as a
subtle dynamic between structured melodies and resonant ambiance…” -Electrojams

On Oct 28, 2014, Bassnectar released “Noise vs. Beauty Remixes,” and my downtempo remix is the album closer!! #awesome

10 track release via Gravitas recordings in April of 2013. Features Govinda and Cherub on “Sleepwalker,” and “Roll the Dice with Chantel.”

Coming Up for Air (Octave Memory/ Gravitas Recordings)

Nov 1, 2011- “Coming Up For Air” This 30 track double album consists of: Volume 1 (DUSK), which showcases 15 dancefloor oriented tunes while Volume 2 (dawn) shines with collaborations over 15 gorgeous downtempo tracks. Special guests Michal Menert, Govinda, Chantel, and more. Artwork by Guillaume Bonte. *A 12 song CD version of this album is available at SHOWS.

The Code (Daly City Records)

May 1, 2012- Psychedelic guitar-electronica inspired by the imagery of codes and symbols both new and old. This ep contains 5 forward thinking, yet accessible beats. Artwork by Guillaume Bonte.

Emancipator Dusk to Dawn (Loci)

Feb 2013- D.V.S* plays guitar and mandolin on “Dusk to Dawn” the highly anticipated release from international downtempo star Emancipator.

Michal Menert- Even If It Isn’t Right (Pretty Lights Music)

April 24, 2012- Michal Menert was the first artist signed to the record label Pretty Lights Music in the Spring of 2010. Michal’s second album, the mega-LP Even If It Isn’t Right was released on April 24, 2012. Mr. VanScoten co-produced, and played guitar and mandolin on “Solar Overdive” and “Remember.”

Emancipator Remixes (1320 Records)

June 2011- D.V.S* remixes emancipator’s “Jet Stream” alongside world reknown producers Ooah (Glitch Mob) & Blockhead. Since the release, D.V.S* has also gone on to play guitar and mandolin with emancipator in a live setting.

The Newell & Doran Mix

March 2010- A live set performed in Los Angeles at Dublab studios. This 30 minute mix displays the beautiful downtempo side of D.V.S*.

Mochipet- Chicxulub Rebirth (1320 Records)

February 14, 2012- Mochipet has enlisted the help of his friends for his Chicxulub remixes. They include D.V.S*, Freddy Todd, Sugarpill, Bass Science and many more!

Loyal Divide- Vision Revision

February 14, 2012- Loyal Divide’s indietronica sound gets chopped up by several producers including Derek VanScoten, R/D, and Sub Swara.

Seven Nation Army

December 2010- A dubstep and drum n’ bass cover/ remix of the White Stripes hit. This single features Chantel Mead on vocals. FREE DOWNLOAD!

Beyond the Looking Glass EP

January 19, 2010-This ep features the highly requested “Attunement.” The song “Ruberjunk” was later featured on the Electronic Musician Magazine Mixtape Vol. 2.

Out on the Sandbar (Octave Memory)

January 12- 2010- A precursor single to the “Beyond the Looking Glass” ep. “Out on the Sandbar” is an early example of Derek’s shoegaze meets dubstep experiments. 99 CENTS!

Before I Sing

October 2009- The motown meets hip hop album, and full-length debut of D.V.S*. Brian Haas of JFJO says, “D.V.S* combines beautiful melodies, super fat beats, and jazz guitar power. Very positive sounds from a unique, new voice in modern music…highly recommended.”

How it Ends-The Remix EP

July 2010- An ep of remixes, including guitar-laced future-bass renditions of Devotchka, Passion Pit and Bjork. Artwork by Andrew “Cyke” Fecker.

Foxey Lady (RE-MXD)

May 2010- D.V.S* grew up on Hendrix, and played this song at his 9th grade dance. It only made sense to remix it.