Sitars, Violins, and Asterisms

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"Silence is the potential from which music can arise." —Keith Jarrett

I came up as a guitarist wanting to learn every style possible…classical, jazz, bluegrass, funk, latin, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, metal…no stone unturned. When I entered the world of electronic music, I quickly discovered that this trait is sometimes seen as a set back, like an overly wandering spirit with no sense of identity. "Where's your brand, I don't know where to put you," is something that I've heard a lot.

If you've ever wondered about what the * (asterisk) in D.V.S* means, well, it's my dedication to the joyful wandering of sound. I envision myself as an artist that could DJ at a festival one night, and then play acoustic guitar with a celtic band the next.

With all of this in mind, I've been on a funky nu disco kick over the past year. I find it very warm and welcoming for my guitar playing in live settings.
However, yesterday I broke the mold and dropped a new original tune called "Burst." It's laced with sitar, violins, harmony guitars and some trap beats from outer space, all at a new and different tempo for me. Stream the tune at the below, and download it as part of the new amazing 'Virtus in Sonus III' compilation by my home label Gravitas Recordings.

Stayed tuned to my FACEBOOK PAGE or YOU TUBE CHANNEL over the next month. I'm going to start posting videos of Ableton tutorials as well as "Lick of the Week." ***Aw yeah***


March 18 SXSW- Gravitas Showcase- Austin, TX RSVP
March 20 SXSW-The Air Up There- Austin, TX RSVP
April 12 Euphoria Festival- Austin, TX
May 20-21 Lightening in a Bottle- Bradley CA

thanks! D.V.S*

New Four Tet and Odesza remixes out now!

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save my valentine

Hi Everyone! Every year I drop a Valentine's Day bootleg remix. In past we've seen Disclosure, Paul McCartney, and Cherub. This year I'm focusing on sensual beats more than overtly romantic lyrics… oh and I also decided to drop 2 remixes this time around.

The first is my afro-disco rework of "Say My Name" by Odesza. I designed this funky, fun and minimal track exclusively for my live set (because it's been remixed like 1 million times). However, since so many friends and fans have requested it, I've decided to put it out. Here ya go!


Next up is my flip of Angel Echoes, by the jazzy UK producer Four Tet. Upon initial listen, this beautifully simple piece struck me to the core . I've been tinkering with it for over a year (this is the 7th version), as I really wanted to do justice to such an inspirational piece.


Feb 13 Museum Bar, Atlanta, GA
March 19-21 SXSW Austin, TX
May 21-15 Lightning in a Bottle Bradley, CA

thanks! D.V.S*

P.S. The Sundance film fest single "Piece that Shines," is now available on iTunes

New Sundance Single out now!

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My new single “Piece That Shines” is out today! This smokey downtempo piece was written for the movie “In Football We Trust.” The documentary premieres over the next 2 weekends at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

Listen to the single here:

Daybreak Disco

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DVS daybreak

I’m starting off 2015 with a 50 minute mix called “Daybreak Disco.” It’s a collection of new tracks from the past several months, including new originals, and remixes of Fourtet, INXS, Odesza, Ratatat and more.

D.V.S* -Daybreak
INXS- Need U Tonight (D.V.S* Remix)
Janet Jackson- If (Kaytranada Remix)
Sound Stream- Makin Love (D.V.S* Edit)
The Temptations- Cloudnine (FKJ Remix)
FourTet -Angel Echoes (D.V.S* Remix)
Psymbionic and Govinda- How am I Not Myself (D.V.S* Remix)
D.V.S* and Jayce- Glider
Panoramic- City Lights (D.V.S* GuitaRemix)
D.V.S* -Sidewalk Spirits
Henri Texier -Les LeBas (Bonobo remix)
Ayla Nereo- Life Bound Friend (D.V.S* Remix)
D.V.S* and Mestre Accordeon- Axe Baba (slight return)
D.V.S* – Elbow From the Sky
Kill Paris- The Walk (D.V.S* GuitaRemix)
Bassnectar- So Butterfly (D.V.S* Remix)
Ratatat- Shiller (D.V.S* Remix)
Odesza- Say My Name (D.V.S* Remix)
D.V.S* -Daybreak Reprise

Comfort Zone album out now!

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D.V.S* Comfort Zone ART

Emancipator’s Loci Records is pleased to release my new 9 track project titled “Comfort Zone!” You can stream and download the project on Bandcamp, which includes an exclusive D.V.S* remix of Emancipator’s “Merlion”.

“The tracks here represent his most wholehearted commitment to downtempo. Using a golden combination of calculated synth work, guitars, banjos and mandolins, coupled with expert electronic programing, the melodies shine through as plush soundscapes for an extraterrestrial sunset. Loci label head Emancipator says about the project, “Each song on this album is an imaginative story told through sound. D.V.S* has created a most satisfying balance of beats, atmosphere, and leads, both familiar and boundary pushing.” -Live for Live Music

D.V.S* Disco logo T shirts now available!!

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D.V.S* Disco Logo T shirts are now in stock. It’s a limited run, and I’m doing a special of $20 shirts that INCLUDE Shipping!!!

Order one here via my bandcamp page.

Elbow From the Sky Single out now!

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D.V.S* Comfort Zone ART

Thanks to “ElectroJam” for premiering the single off of Comfort Zone titled “Elbow From the Sky.”

“Naysayers who pigeonhole electronic production as a programmed, inorganic or contrived cousin to acoustic musical composition have to retract their bias when considering an artist like Derek Van Scoten (DVS), whose creative process and subsequent productions revolve around instrumentation. Since his earliest performances, DVS* has integrated instrumentation into his output; in 2010, he began as a solo act, lacing electronic tracking with live guitar. Since, he amassed a catalog of originals and toured alongside notable livetronica acts Big Gigantic, Beats Antique, and EOTO, among countless others.” READ MORE HERE

(NEW SINGLE) “We Could Be”

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“There is something about a romantic endeavor that can move even the most hard-hearted person. The premiere release “We Could Be feat. Jayce” off of D.V.S’s upcoming Comfort Zone LP on Emancipator’s label Loci Records is just that, full of soul and secret longings. Jayce’s lovelorn stylings make this track along with the silky smooth synths and chilled out beat with an appropriate amount of distortion to keep things alternative. But Derek VanScoten has a well-known commitment to down tempo electronic music and using live instrumentation to create it.

Set to release on December 9th, his new album came at a special time, as he just became a father. Of the inspirations behind it VanScoten said, “I recently had a daughter, and since then I’ve taken a real close look at what does and does not work for me creatively. There’s only so much time when you become a parent, but that’s a blessing because every move is so much more intentional. It can be a very positive thing, because you’re only keeping what works.” And his new LP will be available for download on Loci Record’s Bandcamp, and select digital retailers come its due date.” -EARMILK

Bassnectar Remix OUT NOW!!!

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On Tuesday 10.28.14, low end music king Bassnectar released his Noise vs. Beauty Remixes on his own label Amorphous.
I’m thrilled to be part of this release with a dowmtempo flip of “So Butterfly.”

In the words of Bassnectar himself:
“After finishing Noise vs Beauty last spring, I began working on alternate endings and special deluxe versions of each track, morphing the personality of each song with different faces and unexpected attitudes. I sent out files and sounds to various trusted producers and remixers to see what would happen… the goal was to reinvent the concept of the album and recharge it from every angle.

The result is a horde of new remixes – and today we release a 22-track NVSB Remixes compilation, which also includes some Bassnectar remixes and brand new material, as well as 5 album-only bonus tracks. (We also have various alternates still incoming including remixes from Beats Antique and Active Sun!)

If you’ve been out on the NVSB Tour you’ll already have some favorites on here. But even the most hardened veterans amongst you will find some brand new exclusives to enjoy, and a couple of nice surprises…”

Grab the whole album HERE, and thanks to EDM.COM for the Premiere.

New Axé Baba and Lotus remix out now!

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I dropped 2 tunes over the past week.
First off is my new version of Axé Baba. A few years have passed since I first tweaked this Mestre Accordeon song. I hope you dig.

Lotus released their new album “Gilded Age” last week. Peep my remix of “The Oaks” below, and order the whole album at the DL link.

Coast to coast dates start this weekend in Los Angeles. See you all out there!

​Ticket links at:

Sat 8.2 King King- Los Angeles, CA 10P set
Fri 8.8 Wild Woods Music and Arts Festival- Croydon, NH Late Night set
Sat 8.9 Chapel of Sacred Mirrors- Wappingers Falls, NY 9P set
Mon 8.10 Omega Insitute- Rhinebeck, NY 7p set
Fri 8.22 Bella Terra Music Festival- Stephentown, NY 3P set
Sat 8.23 Cosmic Ascension – Waubun, MN 9p set
Sat 8.30 The Paradox- Baltimore, MD 10P
Thu 9.18 Husson University- Bangor, ME 3P
Fri-Sat 9.19-20 Great North Festival, Norridgewock, ME set time TBD
Sat 10.25 Art Outside- Austin, TX set time TBD